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Payroll Software

Automated Payroll Software for your Business

Payroll made intelligent, integrated and simplified, leaving no room for fallacy and effort loss.

Payroll Software
Payroll Software


Imagine payroll as a complex puzzle with pieces scattered everywhere. That's where a payroll management system swoops in, like a superhero assembling everything in a flash. It automates the whole process, from calculating take-home pay to handling taxes, leaving you with more time and fewer headaches. No more late nights wrestling with spreadsheets – your payroll becomes a well-oiled machine, saving you time and money. It's like having a tireless assistant who never makes mistakes. So, ditch the puzzle pieces and let your payroll hero take over.

Payroll Software Payroll Software

Key Features of Payroll Software

Salary Structure

Optimize salary structures effortlessly with HRMS, ensuring precision in payroll and transparent compensation insights. Streamline deductions, allowances, and salary intricacies for efficient management.

Compliances and Taxes

Effortlessly ensure compliance and simplify tax processes with our HRMS. From accurate payroll to automated reporting, we make staying tax-ready a breeze.

Loans & Advances

Enhance employee well-being with HRMS-integrated Loans & Advances, ensuring a seamless process from application to approval, empowering your workforce for increased satisfaction and engagement.


Simplify your financial workflows using HRMS, effortlessly overseeing employee allowances. Whether it's housing or travel allowances, ensure precise and transparent compensation with just a few clicks.

Payout Insights

Leverage HRMS Payout Insights to access in-depth analytics, providing valuable perspectives on your organizational finances. Optimize payout processes for improved efficiency and make informed decisions with confidence.

Overtime Payments Leave Deductions

Effortlessly simplify payroll intricacies with HRMS, automating overtime payments and leave deductions for precise and efficient management. Elevate accuracy and compliance, all while saving valuable time through our seamlessly integrated solution.

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For a large enterprise like Thakkers, Trumpets has been the perfect choice to synchronize all the entities of our business.

Nishant Thakker

Thakker Developers LTD., Nashik


Trumpets has helped us eliminate a lot of our manual & paper work and has brought up a huge impact on our company workflow.

Shwetank Soni

Acolyte Technologies, Jaipur


People at Trumpets understand requirements well & deliver them timely. Any changes after initial on-boarding were reworked.

Vipul Agarwal

Spectrum Coaches, Nashik


For us Trumpets has really simplified managing our fully remote team including their leaves, tasks, documents.

Ashish Sonawane

Vizipp, Nashik

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