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Simplify Employee Management with Pletox

HR & Payroll Software for every Business

Best HR and Payroll software designed to automate payroll processes and optimize workforce management with functionalities for attendance tracking, compliance management, worklog creation, visit scheduling, and more.

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Tool for every need of your workforce management

Our HRMS software is the all-in-one tool designed to meet every need of your workforce management, simplifying HR processes and enhancing efficiency.

Core HR

Core HR

Map your Org structure, no matter what size
your Workforce is or how diverse your policies are.

  • Organisation Chart
  • Employee Database
  • Organise Documents
  • Employee Dashboard

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Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

Track your employee time and attendance effectively and compensate on time while working overtime.

  • Selfie+Location Punching
  • Visit Tracking
  • Leaves Management
  • Shift Roaster

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Payroll & Expenses

Payroll & Expenses

Payroll made intelligent, integrated and
simplified, leaving no room for fallacy and effort loss.

  • Multiple Salary Structure
  • Compliances and Taxes
  • Loans & Advances
  • Branded Payslips

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Worklogs & Visits

Worklogs & Visits

Effortlessly manage employee visits and worklogs with our enabling efficient and streamlined work tracking.

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Asset Management

Asset Management

Streamline operations and ensure asset accountability through our comprehensive solution for asset lifecycle management.

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Hiring & Onboarding

Hiring & Onboarding

Unlock simplified talent acquisition and a welcoming, organized onboarding journey with our innovative solution.

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Project Management

Project Management

Streamline project management by facilitating task prioritization, responsibility assignment, deadlines & progress tracking.

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Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

This software streamlines communication & file sharing, enhancing productivity, reducing errors & boosting morale.

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Employee Help Desk

Employee Help Desk

Empower employees with industry-leading helpdesk software. Resolve queries and grievances quickly and efficiently.

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Onboard All Your Employees | Pletox
Step 1

Onboard all your employees seamlessly

With a few clicks simply upload your employee database to your new online staff directory or create a customised employee onboarding process for automated data entry.

  • Centralised Information
  • Store custom data
  • Employee Portal
  • Mobile Access
Onboard All Your Employees | Pletox
Step 2

All your HR reports in one place

Our platform automatically generates all the employee reports like attendance report, salary slips, payroll reports like E.P.F & E.S.I.C and P.T. reports.

  • Attendance Report
  • Salary Slips
  • P.F & E.S.I.C
  • Loans & Advances
All your HR Reports in one place | Pletox
Personal dashboard to all your employees
Step 3

Personal dashboard to all your employees

Every employee gets an personal employee account to manage leaves, attendance, documents and also view and download salary slips.

  • Performance reports
  • Leave Application
  • Download Salary Slips
  • Incentive Reports
Personal dashboard to all your employees
Step 4

Maintain Worklogs & Visits

Organised & Effective worklogs and visit management to get work done seamlessly. A system that is a great fit for any teams looking to work together. With a clean, modern and highly interactive design you can easily collaborate and get work done.

  • Manage Worklogs
  • Track Visits
  • Automated Reports
  • Tours & Claims
Plan and Execute Tasks

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Nishant ThakkerThakker Developers LTD., Nashik
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For a large enterprise like Thakkers, Pletox has been perfect choice to synchronize all the entities of our business.

Shwetank SoniAcolyte Technologies, Jaipur
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Pletox has helped us eliminate a lot of our manual & paper work and has brought up a huge impact on our company workflow.

Vipul AgarwalSpectrum Coaches, Nashik
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People at Pletox understand requirements well & deliver them timely. Any changes after initial on-boarding were reworked.

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Every employee gets a personal staff account to manage leaves, attendance, documents and also view and download salary slips.

Onboarding Support

We guarantee successful product implementation

From on-boarding your organization to bringing the product in use, our customer experience team is here to ensure your success. Our team has experience of helping more than 100 organizations creating a great workforce experience.

Importing Data

Reports Customisation

Setting up Policies

Training & Support

Onboarding and Implementation | Pletox

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions we get from our customer.

If you have any further questions, get in touch with our friendly team πŸ˜ƒ

An HR management system makes companies productive, cost-efficient, and competitive. It helps the business grow by making the workforce more effective – without overloading them. Simplify your HR and Payroll with Pletox HRM. Our system covers every aspect of your employee management, offering you a streamlined approach to

πŸ‘‰ Core HR
πŸ‘‰ Payroll & Expenses
πŸ‘‰ Time & Attendance
πŸ‘‰ Hiring & Onboarding
πŸ‘‰ Projects & Timesheet
πŸ‘‰ Performance & Reports

HRMS software helps HR professionals and consultants track recruitment and hiring activities, manage applicants and employee files in an organized way, providing seamless communication with candidates. Organizations also use it to allocate budgets across locations, set performance according to levels, monitor employee performance, and efficiency.

Pletox enables you to manage your payroll as efficiently and effectively as possible by making the process easier. Payroll – an online software from Pletox Payroll, helps you speed up the payroll process with automated tasks such as pre-populated tax tables and data validation, PF ECR, ESI, PT, LWF. It is fully customizable to tailor it for your organization efficiently.

The Human Resource Management System (HRMS) plays a significant role in business growth. The HRMS takes care of the repetitive activities and facilitates an easy flow of data and communication process. A truly effective HRMS helps you acquire and retain a strong workforce. It simplifies HR processes and maintains compliance with changing legislation.

To protect your data, Pletox uses SSL (Secure Socket Layers) for data transfer, creating a secure tunnel protected by 128-bit or higher AES encryption. To protect your private information from unauthorized access, we have designed policies and controls to safeguard the collection, use, and disclosure of your information.

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